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VW G60 Supercharger Service, Repairs & Performance Upgrades

Remember, your G-Lader powered Volkswagen was one great thing when you first got it? The engine sound and the seamless flow of power got you to sign that sales contract faster than any salesperson may have expected.  There is a certain serendipity that settles over you in these cars. 

1988 will forever stand as a defining moment in the history of Volkswagen. That was the year when the Rallye Golf G60 was born and VW showed the world the potential of G-Lader technology combined with all-wheel drive. Using whatever grip is available to move forward, effectively winning races and rallies around Europe.

Now after over 10 years of age you still love to drive it, you just need to get that feeling back; The feeling of what German engineers call Dynamic Response. In other words, what happens when you hit the throttle. In all G-models the CorradoG60, GolfG60, PassatG60 or PoloG40, you'll have your answer in an instant with our G-Lader upgrades and tuning parts in use. 

Though the first G60 design in 1988-89 had some design issues and Volkswagen successfully re-designed the G-Lader, the second generation is able to last over 100,000 miles and still maintain their stock boost levels before needing to be rebuilt.

Sadly, the G-lader has earned a bad reputation over recent years, but at no fault of its own.  Many fly-by-night companies have offered rebuild services at a low cost to "prevent" charger failure.   Unfortunately, most of these do not use true original Volkswagen parts, therefore, leading to failure.

When SLS G-Ladertechnik came on to the scene a few years ago, they had their work cut out for them.  Not only did they offer a service to reliably rebuild chargers, they also have had the task of rebuilding the reputation of these units.   They have successfully convinced many G-60 (and G-40) owners that these chargers are not a problem when using original parts in a rebuild.

SLS lends its success (in Germany and abroad) to the fact that they are among the only people who have legal access to true original Volkswagen parts for these units.  This, combined with their professional expertise, have given them a lucrative and ever-growing customer base.

Anyone interested in obtaining further information on our rebuild services should contact us directly, as we are proud to be the official North American distributor of their products.

We are also going to offer complete tuning solutions for:

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